Giulietta has continued for 14 years the culinary tradition, started in the old local of Valle di Soffumbergo as early as 1989, in the new and recently renovated Trattoria Chiosco Al Ponte, helped in running the place by the sons Gabriele and Silvia, who combine and mix in a fair balance tradition with innovation.

Immersed in a large park, with lots of greenery and tranquility, the Trattoria Chiosco al Ponte offers a home-style cooking with typical dishes of Friuli, such as frico and polenta, but also grilled meats like angus bavette, ribs ‘lamb, red peppery roast beef and other types of meat from different origins (New Zealand, Nebraska, Austria …).

Not only the traditional frico, but also the revisited frico and proposed with porcini mushrooms, with ham, gorgonzola and speck, with onion, sausage and chilli pepper: in short, a frico for all tastes! But also special dishes that the chef Gabriele offers its customers based on creativity and seasonality! In our enclosed park, equipped with a slide, swings and other facilities suitable for children, your children can play and have fun in total freedom.

We have an ample parking.

Reservations are recommended.