A break at the Trattoria Chiosco al Ponte will allow you to taste something tasty and authentic with an informal and homely service, but at the same time accurate and professional.

Genuine dishes and linked to the origins of the Friulian tradition, but sometimes also novelties and gastronomic experiments, which the fantasy of the chef Gabriele suggests and proposes, accompanied by a good glass of local production of the Comelli Farm, will delight your eyes and your palate.

A good soup with fresh and seasonal ingredients, such as creamed potatoes and zucchini or the famous vegetable soup of Juliet, a delicious dish of tagliatelle with mushrooms or dumplings with game, but also a succulent cut of angus or a frico soufflè accompanied by the classic and unfailing polenta from Friuli are always present in our menu.

Our culinary proposals change periodically and our dishes are always linked to the seasonality of the moment, prepared with herbs and seasonal products of the season, such as risottini with sclopit, omelettes with herbs or pumpkin gnocchi or stuffed with chestnuts.

We always want to offer our customers fresh and genuine dishes.

For customers with food intolerances or vegetarian food we offer a choice of appropriate dishes.

Here is a rundown of what we can find and taste!